Monday, August 17, 2009

Who is Jerry K? & why is he dis'ing me?

It started with an e-mail trying to sell me enhanced visibility on Yahoo. Like many lawyers, I have my information listed (although they can't seem to get the address updated - guess it doesn't matter as long as the phone number is correct.) I digress.

The ad gave me an opportunity to look at my "page" - so I did. WHAT THE HELL? I had been rated by 2 people - 1 apparently was just stars & must've been the max (5 stars) but the other was ONE STAR with the comment "she seemed nice, but my misdemeanor case seemed unimportant. By jerry k."

First off, I'm going to tell you that I am AV rated & I am rated 10 - superb - on AVVO. Not tooting my whistle but my clients are usually very, very happy with my work. (I can't say always - just like all lawyers, I do have the occasional client who wants to walk free even though he is guilty & he has a boatload of priors . . . And, I handle appeals & writs - another story.) Anyway, to say I was aggravated is to minimize. It actually pissed me off.

Any time I have a client who is unhappy with something that I've done or that is going on AND I KNOW ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS, I take the extra effort to make them either happy or at least understand why things happen as they do. Many times it is just a misunderstanding. Remember, these are people whose lives are being turned upside down, or at least rattled a great deal.

It made me mad because I have never treated anyone as if their case was "unimportant." I do not even think that way. Every case is important; every case has a consequence. People are affected by having even a "minor" charge against them, and could be affected in their futures. And, who is "jerry k?" I decided to investigate a bit (after raging abt this on twitter to the world.) The results of the investigations - check out my next posting.

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