Monday, August 17, 2009

"jerry k." - an imposter!

So, after I "get over myself" being so aggravated abt a negative posting, I think - I've never represented a "jerry". I have had 1 client whose father is named "jerry" & the father gave me a wonderful review on AVVO (and his last name didn't start with a "k".) I peruse the comments on some of my fellow CDLs (criminal defense lawyers) & there are some really good lawyers on there but guess what, they have similar negative comments "all she cared about was the money" "never returned my calls", etc. NO WAY. That's it - there is just no way that so many people for whom I have respect had provided bad representation or inattention to so many cases. But, guess what - many of them are rated by none other than "jerry k." I can assure you that if "jerry k." had had experience in hiring or interviewing with this many lawyers, he would have a tons of cases - and no time (and probably no place) to be writing about all these lawyers because he would be in the joint - likely on a lifer.

No, this asshat (to use Mark Bennett's term which I love) must be a competitor. I have known lawyers to make negative remarks about other lawyers - and the speakers were all BAD lawyers. My training in this area began with the great Wendell Odom who told me to never, ever speak badly about another lawyer. You might not say anything about the lawyer because you have nothing good to say, but do not be negative. (I have heard Wendell praise other lawyers whom the potential client was going to visit - and Wendell got hired.) It felt right then, and it feels right now.

I make it a practice to ask what other lawyers the client is talking to about the case. If asked, I will say, "s/he is a really good lawyer" or has a good reputation. If I think the lawyer is crap, I might say something like, "I do not know if I would hire that lawyer for this type of case, but you should definitely interview her/him." You know what - I find that if they interview with a crap lawyer, I look even better (more knowledgeable and able) & I didn't lose respect by being an asshat myself. (As an example, I had a DWI client call me last week who was going to see a well-known DWI lawyer. He asked me what I thought & I told him that he was going to visit a very good, very respected lawyer who would do a fine job if hired. (Sometimes the difference is the amount of the fee.)

So I get back to - who is "jerry k.", and why is he disrespecting lawyers like Todd Leffler, Doug Durham, Dane and Leslie Johnson, Dennis Slate, Larry Douglas, Dan Gerson, Jeff Purvis, Mekisha Murray, David Breston, Paul B. Kennedy, Joe Salhab, Paul Kennedy, John Floyd & others.

Want to guess why? Want to guess who?

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  1. >>told me to never, ever speak badly about another lawyer<<

    How do you explain your behavior and comments regarding other lawyers on the defense attorney list serv then???

  2. Well "anonymous", obviously with such a sweeping comment as yours, I have no idea what you are talking about. So, why don't you be a man (or woman) & point it out. Oh yea - the listserver is supposed to be secret & since you are making public comments about the listserver content, you must be one of the snakes or snitches who frequently share our information with prosecutors & judges.Out yourself, why don't you? Then we could get rid of you on the listserver.

    When I speak specifically (& privately to other lawyers on our common listserver - NOT TO A POTENTIAL CLIENT) [which includes some of those who are too lazy to figure out that the stuff is being done to them because they don't work up their cases]- it is because I KNOW what the prosecutor has done or tried to do to MY client, which is unethical & violates all kinds of rules. I share with my fellow "defenders" (some of whom I question their allegiance to defending, among other things) so they can help protect their own clients.

    My guess is that but for me sharing THAT kind of info, some of your clients would probably never know that Brady was hidden (and probably still don't).

    If you would like to respond or post again - use your name or I will delete your posting. (I have zero respect for someone who wants to publically call someone out while hiding behind the skirts of "anonymous.")


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