Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pat Lykos - tweeting?

I just got followed by "Pat Lykos" on Twitter, and the comments are so funny I can't get any work done cuz I'm laughing. This cannot be THE Pat Lykos, although they are using her photo. Here are some of the tweets:

How many prosecutors does it take to handle a felony court? Not as many as these bums want you to believe. (apparently referring to Murray's blog)

Going to send Hannah to make the rounds and make sure everybody is working hard. These bastards will slack off if you let them.

What's the matter, asshole, you don't like dogs? (again referring to Murray's blog apparently)

Grabbing a smoke before going back to building the best fucking DA's Office in the USA.

These are direct quotes from the Twitter that purports to be Pat Lykos. Is it really her? Surely not. But who would be so bold? Well, it is funny for certain. I wonder what DA Lykos will think when she finds out. (I'm sure she reads Murray's blog regularly because he is always slamming her.)


  1. I have to admit when I saw "Pat Lykos" was following my twitter profile I was kind of stunned at first. I thought the Old Girl was spying on me.
    I have no idea who is doing the posting, but I hope they keep it up. It is brilliant and hysterical.

  2. I felt spied upon, too, until I read it. I've had cases in her court when she was a "trial" judge. In reflecting on the comments, I'm fairly certain it wasn't her. But, I FOTFLMAO & couldn't quit checking to see if there was more. Kudos to whoever did it cuz it was Funny with a capital F. (Just like the F she has been using to ouster decent prosecutors!) HA!

  3. I sense that the "Lykos" twitters are as much a jab at blogging HCDA ADA's and ex-ADA's as they are at Lykos - the tweets reflect on previous AHCL's blog comments. Sigh . . if only cigarettes and Jack and Coke WERE crimes that ADA's could prosecute. Uh oh, I guess I'm now on the MADD hit list! Anyway, they are funny.


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