Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Helping the Boston Terrier Rescue Group - Please Donate

Don't just turn off & say you are not interested, please. We are looking for prize bag donations, and larger donations, to use to raise money for our rescue group. We are having mardi gras beads donated, and I am personally donating several new games, dog clothes, collars, etc. If you own or work at a business & can donate something - a facial, a massage, veternarian, any services, banner making (we could use this ourselves); or if you have items you bought meaning to use them but never did (like me); or if you just want to donate money or purchase something to donate, I can assure you it will be thankfully received and gratefully used to raise money for our little doggies. (Our founder & president has donated the garage to one of her houses for a kennel!)

We are strictly a volunteer group, and most of us donate financially constantly. (Most of us are also active in other animal related activities and many of us foster dogs in our homes which means food, medications, etc.)

We are 5013c & donations are tax deductible.

(This is what I do in "real" life - I advocate & help those who cannot speak for themselves.)

If you want to volunteer, we would love to have you. We have volunteers all over including Houston, Austin, Beaumont & many other places. We place dogs all over, including a couple that went to Canada. Contact me about donations, or visit our website at http://www.houstonbostonrescue.org/main.php. (We also have beautiful dogs to adopt. Check out the website.)

Many thanks (& I know, I need to put up a new legal related blog. As soon as this writ is filed . . . )

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