Sunday, April 5, 2009

Volunteer to help change a child's life

Before I continue with the court & prosecutrix team blog, I wanted to blog a minute about volunteering. A few months ago I became a avid volunteer with the Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston organization - I love animals & I enjoy helping those who cannot speak for themselves. I chose this organization because I think BTs are just the best dogs. I was being selfish in a way, because I get to be around or doing for animals I adore.

Yesterday, though, I enjoyed a different volunteerism. Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association received a request from Wendy Miller to help Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and the Houston Young Lawyers Association, by volunteering time to join kids who have an incarcerated parent at the Aquarium in downtown. I joined them & had charge of two very delightful boys. They shared their hairstyles (wanting me to feel how smooth they were), their dance techniques, their girlfriend "issues" (they were 8 & 12), & other talk. I shared photos of my husband & my dogs, and talked about futures with them. I was the only lawyer from HCCLA, but there were other lawyers there & the boys I had were so impressed that lawyers were there with them. I took their photos on my phone & let them check it out. They were careful and respectful.

I want to report that it was such an experience that I hope that many hidden boundaries were blurred for these boys who have had at least a semi bad start (by example of an incarcerated parent apparently - I did not ask & know no details) in life. I told their mother, when she came to get them, what great boys they were. She was very pleased and told me how hard she worked to show these kids the "right way." (She also had a daughter in another group there.)

So my blog is about - make a difference in a life. I spoke to the woman who runs BBBS & says they ask only for 4 hours per MONTH & they have far more requests than volunteers. (I know one of my charges has been waiting for 2 years!)

If you can't commit to that, then find another way like the 4 hours I spent on Saturday. It is rewarding, and I feel that there is a great possibility that I made a difference in these boys lives. I feel very positive. We all have so many blessings, despite any hardships we have endured, that we should share our time, at a minimum!

Finally, I want to thank Wendy Miller, a local lawyer. This woman is the most positive, giving person that I know. (I have never discussed with this with her but she is in a wheel chair & has been since at least law school to my knowledge. I tell you this because I want readers to understand the depth of my respect and awe of this woman.)

She volunteers constantly - arranging these opportunities, putting on talks to encourage lawyers to be mentors to children in court cases, etc. She goes around asking for money for the kids (which most of us hate to do) as well as giving her time to be at the events. She asks no more (and much less) than she gives. I am very proud to be able to call Wendy Miller a friend, and I hope that I can be more like her.

What is stopping you?


  1. BBBS is a great organization. I hope these kids have a chance not to repeat their family history.

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  3. "stupid starters" huh? I guess I am guilty as charged do I need an attorney? I have been blogging for about a year with several different blogs and you are right, people tend not to leave comments for the world to see. However, they will email you with one. How can we have a friendly debate like that?

  4. Texas Ghostrider,

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you are talking about my deleting my comment - it was accidental. I wrote to thank you for you comments & to tell you that my brother-in-law is 1/2 American Indian (therefore my niece is 1/4) and we love doing things to help keep the culture alive, in addition to telling you that my brother is a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy. I'm not quite sure if you are aggravated with me, or agreeing with me. I love friendly debates which is why I try to encourage people to comment. (In fact, at the courthouse today I had at least 5 people tell me that have been reading my blog, but none have commented. :) )

    Everyone's opinion is important and why the world goes round. : ) So please clarify.

  5. I am not mad or aggravated with you. I was trying to be funny referencing your "welcome to my blog" paragraph. I like debates and learning from all sides of issues. I have been in law enforcement for 23 years and still enjoy the challenge of the work. I like history and the Native American culture. I use to attend the monthly inter-tribal pow-wow here in Houston. The pow-wow is a family type of event and an experience. I believe everyone needs an escape, especially in high stress jobs. I look forward to many more of your posts and I will comment if I can think of something intelligent to say……. Keep on Blogging…….


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