Monday, April 13, 2009

Update regarding communication with children

I have to say after I posted my last blog, the next day I awoke to find a most lovely note from my 20 year-old daughter. It made me feel warm all over, and reminded me that even when we think they are so selfish, they are listening and paying attention so treat your children with love and as much kindness as you can muster (as they roll their eyes, huff, and complain incessantly.) The letter says:

Dear Mom,

I greatly appreciate you taking me and Shelby on this trip. I have had so much fun! I know this trip was planned mainly for me, and the beluga experience was amazing. I have also had a great time spending time with you and Shelby. I'm glad we were able to do this because we have not be able to spend time like this together in a whil and I would love to do it alot more. Than you so much again for this experience and having so much fun with us.

Love always,


Can you see me crying? I share this because so many times we don't hear anything but the bad, but the happiness is in there. It is just harder to get out when they are teenagers (or young teens.)

I love both of my daughters with all my heart, and I would definitely take a bullet or a disease if it potentially saved them.

Kiss & hug your children, even when you disgust them. : )


  1. That was a sweet note. I am sure you will cherish it for a long time to come.......

  2. Yes, I will. Thank you for reading it. It made my day, my weekend, my month.


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