Thursday, September 24, 2009

CNN Story on Dog Sniff Line-ups

http://ht-mobile. cdn.turner. com/cnn/big/ crime/2009/ 09/24/lavandera. scent.dogs. cnn_cw_NX05. 3gp

This story includes quotes from a man accused of murdering his next door neighbor based on Ft. Bend County Deputy Pickett. Pickett, who claims that his dogs are almost never wrong, refused comment so CNN used prior comments. As it goes with junk, bullcrap science, more than one convicted and other accused persons' cases have proven Pickett's dogs, and thus Pickett's claims, to be WRONG.

How many more people need to lose their freedom because of this proven liar?!

(He has proven a liar in at least once instance where he testified he had a masters degree which he does not have. Guess he did not think that anyone would check out not only his bogus dog claims but also his pompous testimony.)

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