Saturday, March 21, 2009

More to come re team court & prosecutrix v. me

Several people wrote to me on Facebook & said keep on - they are shy or Kennitra (sp - sorry) said that somehow the comments thing wasn't working for her.

Maybe one has to come to my actual blog to comment & they are trying to comment on Facebook. So, for Facebook readers, I THINK this is the connection:

Comments don't have to be positive. No need to kiss up. I'll post your comments as long as they are relevant & not about some of my typos or something stupid. : ) Say what you think. I will even post negative remarks (like one of my friends from OLD times concurred that I am a smartass - and she is right.)

I hope to do the next blog soon. (It really does take some time to read this record, laugh my butt off, get mad again at the ridiculous way Client's case was treated, laugh again that it didn't matter - we won in the long run, & then write it up & try to find the mistakes & listen to complaints from family members who feel they are being ignored.)

As a couple of people said to me, People need to KNOW what is going on at the courthouse. People need to know that citizens are NOT getting fair trials. People need to understand that even people with allegator skin have to FIGHT tooth & nail to protect clients.

Blog on, defend on, read on.

AND, if you get a jury summons - PLEASE GO! You know what is going on down there. Put a stop to it by participating in the system. : )


  1. I have had similar experiences with certain judges. There should be training for judges that explicitly set out what they are there for. There should be a several year gap between being a prosecutor and taking a seat as a judge. Prosecutors and former prosecutors that have never defended(seriously),have no idea what it's like to believe in, not necessarily innocence, but what the justice system really stands for. Just my opinion.

  2. Welcome to the blawgosphere -- I do like your work and have been following it, and I look forward to reading more!


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